Title of the project

Delivering quality education for children of vulnerable section in Rural areas of kokrajhar, B.T.R (Assam).

Goal of the Project

The project aims to provide quality education and learning level growth of at least 380 pre-primary and primary students in three schools. Also, creating awareness on education, health with mother’s group. Thereby creating a peaceful and classless society in selected villages of Gossaigaon Development Block (kokrajhar).

Key objective of the project

The specific objectives of the project are:

    1. To generate awareness and sense of responsibility among the families in working areas on importance of preliminary education for their children.
    2. To improve the quality of education by reaching out to  380  school children of 3 government schools of three villages  in three years to achieve class  appropriate learning level and  to prevent drop out ,  through learning improvement centers and pre-primary center.
    3. To support & create ‘health’ awareness among the local schools students & Mother’s Groups on the importance of proper nutrition. To plant ‘Nutritional Gardens’ for demonstration to the students & women collectives of local communities.
    4. In future to open ‘Mother’s learning Centre’ in project areas for awareness generation on ‘education’, ‘health’ & ‘hygiene’. This program will impact the rural families in long run which will indirectly boast the educational, health standards of the children. In coming years we will initiative home base nutrition garden with ‘Mother’s group’.

Project Location

State– Assam

District- Kokrajhar, B.T.R (Assam)

Block– Gossaigaon

VCDC– Chautara Milon Bazaar VCDC

Mode of Work

    1. Training sessions

    1. Mentoring

    1. 3. Follow- up visits

    1. Cross visits and monthly meetings

    1. Weekly Dairy Record

Project activities and timelines

Following are the project activities proposed under the project “Delivering quality education for children of vulnerable section in Rural areas of kokrajhar, B,T,R (Assam)” :

  1. Early childhood care and education support (Pre primary support) in Government school to reduce drop out percent (180): Three preprimary learning centers will be established in three different Government school premises (with permission). The main objective of setting up these centers is to provide early childhood care and education support to the children of pre primary stage during their school time.
  2. Learning Improvement Centre to reach 200 students: Three learning improvement centers will be established in each village (school based) for providing education support to students of class II to V. Approximately, 22 children will be there in each center getting learning improvement educational support. Three well trained teachers will be entrusted for taking classes by adopting appropriate pedagogical approaches. Special emphasis will be given on bringing about a holistic and all round development in children. The centers will run either on morning or afternoon shifts, according to the suitability of the beneficiaries.
  3. Staff capacity building or Teacher’s training: Capacity building of staff on the major issues like development of course curriculum, teaching methodologies, development of TLMs, classroom management and other administrative issues will be the most important activity of the program. Internal training camp   will be conducted   to enhance the effectiveness of staff and to sensitize them towards the needs of the project. In addition with this, exposure visits to other organization will be conducted for team members.
  4. Nutrition garden in school premises: A school nutrition garden is a place where herbs, fruits and vegetable are grown around in the school premises for use in the preparation of Mid-Day Meal. School nutrition garden are a wonderful way to use the school to reconnect the students to a natural world and make them aware about the truth source of their food, and teach them valuable gardening and agriculture concept and skill that integrate with several subject, such as math, science , health & physical education and social studies. Also ‘Mother’s Group’ will be engaged in nutrition programs because we are very much clear with importance of nutrition and its connection to ‘Good health’. In future we initiative home base nutrition garden with mothers group.
  5. Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) Workshop: TLMs are tools which are to be used by teachers to help learners to learn concept with ease and efficiency. TLMs also help in bringing novelty and freshness in classroom teaching as it relieves learners from anxiety, fear and bedroom. So, AsHA will organize workshop with the new and advanced TLM time to time. Each and every teacher should be accessed to this kind of workshop so that they can be skilled with the support of advance TLM. AsHA will arrange support of experts for designing ‘TLM’ for each staff during the workshop who engages themselves.
  6. Educational tour or exposure visit for students: Exposure visits will be conducted at various places of historic interests and educational purposes once in a year. This activity will refresh the children with positive energy and they will accrue practical knowledge from these kinds of visits.
  7. Sports and recreation: The centre will provide an environment where every child should get recreational materials by which they can play and enjoy their childhood fully. Along with this, AsHA will organize various events like quiz, debate etc. to increase their general awareness. AsHA will also organize joyful and enjoyment games every month on Saturday. Also, will organize Annual sports in a year to support students.
  8. Monthly review meetings: will be held to monitor the project activities properly like Conducting baseline and end-line surveys, situation need assessment, data handling and action research and impact analysis, capacity building training program. Etc.

Duration of the project

The project is proposed to implement for a period of 3 years. (2021-2024)

Project management and monitoring system

The managing trustee of the organization will monitor the whole project as honorary project director. One project coordinator cum accountant will be appointed for supervision and to maintain all book keeping records, monitor the activities of volunteers through constant interaction, visits, meetings and reports of the activities for the effective implementation of the project. Proper evaluation and external monitoring will be carried out at the time of implementation. Three Education Volunteers cum Community Resource Person will be appointed for Community mobilization, teaching learning improvement students and Pre- Primary Students, door to door visit and all educational programs will maintain. Also, various types of training and awareness programs will be organized with mother’s groups.

Project Team

  1. One Project Coordinator Cum accountant
  2. Three  Education Volunteers  cum Community Resource Person

Partner Organization Reference

  1. Seven sister Development Assistance , Guwahati
  2. Sanjog, Nalbari
  3. IDeA, the Ant  

Project Beneficiaries and other Stakeholders

Project Beneficiaries:

 TargetComments if any
Children 380180 nos will be supported in Pre-primary & primary level.
200 nos will supporting in Remedial centre
Mothers group member and parents18020 members per School will be oriented for 3 schools
Awareness Programs 5Motivate ,students, parents and mother’s group
TLM workshop 13 project teacher and 3 teachers from schools will be train.
Teacher Training23 project teacher and 3 teachers from schools will be train.

Project Activity, Output and Impact

Pre primary support in Government schools
(3 to 5 years )
60 percent of child learning will support in pre-primary level.Setting up four pre-primary centers provide quality teaching to 60 per yeara) Curriculum for pre-primary will be in place
b) Teachers will be equipped to plan lessons, design and develop TLMs and manage the pre-primary classroom to meet curricular objectives
Learning Improvement centre
(II to V class)
60 percent of slow learner will acquire class appropriate learning levelTo provide learning improvement teaching to 66 students yearly.a) Teaching, various learning activities, organize Joyful & enjoyment games.
b) Maintain all students learning level.
TLM workshop 60 percent teaching will cover with the help of TLMTo provide teaching methodology with TLM pedagogy in supporting centrea) Increase Motivation to both teachers and students.
b) Easiest to Learn
c) Fun learning
d) Easy learning to Students
Staff capacity training 3 government teacher for familiar with AsHA methodology and 3 project teachers will ready as capacity teachers
To provide teaching methodology with pedagogy to 3 government and 3 project teacher within three years.a) Yearly 2 teacher training
b) PC will random visit and taking demo class to the target government school,
c) Teaching methodology and TLM will share with the government school.
Awareness ProgramAwareness level towards education will increase up to 40 percent of community 3 education rally ,
36 SMC meeting ,
150 Community leader meet , 500 door to door visit
a) Door to door visit
b) Group discussion
c) Community meet
d) Rally
e) Meeting
Nutrition garden in school premises60 percent achievement in the program Children learn how to grow things in a safe and sustainable way, and how to run their own successful gardens. we will engaged more the 200 students a) Planning
b) Nutrition Garden will setup every supported school
c) Document ion
Staff Review MeetingSmooth Planning and implementation process36 nos staff meeting a) Planning
b) Progress report
c) Documentation
d) Analyze
Sports and recreation60 percent achievement in the programMore than 200 students will motivate in game sector and increase knowledge of quiz, art, and educational different activists.a) Planning
b) Organize different types of games, quiz, drawing competition etc.
c) Documentation
Educational tour or exposure visit for students60 percent achievement in the programWe will complete exposure with 60 students. In this exposure we spread educational knowledge to student or parents a) Planning
b) Exposure to Educational areas
c) Documentation

  1.     Timeline for Year 1:

    Sl. NoActivityJanFeb Mar AprilMayJunJulyAugSepOctNov Dec
    1Identify schools and centers
    2Recruitment of new staff-members
    3Staff capacity building or Teachers training
    4Conduct baseline for students
    5Learning improvement support to students
    6Running Pre-primary centers
    7Mother groups Selection
    8TLM Workshop
    9TLM for Centers
    10Students Exposure
    11Awareness programmers
    12Nutrition Garden
    13Monthly Review Meeting
    14Sports and recreation
    15Books for Centers
    16End-line assessment
    17Process documentation

Budget Design for One year

Sl. NoBudget HeadUnitTimeUnit CostTotalExpenditure Details
1Program Staff (all staff directly connected with the project)
1.1Project co-coordinator cum accountant (full-time)1121290000
1.2Education Volunteers cum Community Resource Person (Part time)3122800100800
Total Salary Cost190800
2PROGRAM COST (all activities that will be undertaken for the fulfillment of the project, workshops, training etc.) Event
2.1TLM Workshop1Event8590Resource Person, Workshop Materials , Lunch , T.A, Banner etc
2.2TLM for Centre3Event450013500TLM materials for every centers
2.3Students Exposure1Event18980Banner, Travelling cost, Note book, pen , Lunch etc
2.4Awareness programmers5Event10005000Banner , Awareness Materials, meeting refreshment
2.5Nutrition Garden 326037809Fencing , Labour , Seeds, fertilizers, Banner etc
2.6Monthly Review Meeting12Event3003600Meeting materials, T.A , meeting Refreshment etc
2.7Sports and recreation3Event15004500
2.8Books for Centers 3Event19955985Visiting Reg. Teacher Attendance, students attendance , Students copy, Check pencil, Banner ,etc
2.9Staff capacity building or Teachers training2Event1035020700Resource Person, Training Materials , Lunch & dinner, T.A, Banner etc
Total Program Cost88664
3Admin Cost (rent, audit, communication, etc)1213436
4Printer 17000
All Total Cost 299900
In word-(Two lakh ninety nine thousand nine hundred only).

Details Budget of TLM workshop with 4 project staff & 1 resource person

Sl. NoParticulars UnitCost/ UnitAmount
2Resource Person (2 days )130003000
3TLM workshop Kids 13890
4Lunch (2 days) 51301300
Total Amount 8590/-

Details Budget of Students Exposure with 6 project staff & 60 School Students

Sl. NoParticulars UnitCost/ UnitAmount
Travelling cost11000010000
Lunch & Breakfast661308580
Total Amount 18980/-

Details Budget of Nutrition garden in 5 project support School

Sl. NoParticulars UnitCost/ UnitAmount
Banner 34001200
Fencing & Labour 312003600
Seeds & Saplings 3540
Fertilizer 34901470
Total Amount 7809/-

Details Budget of Teachers training with 6 project staff (three days)

Sl. NoParticulars UnitCost/ UnitAmount
2Tanning kids 130003000
3Breakfast & Lunch (three days)51301950
4Resource Person150005000
Total Amount 10350/-
Therefore two numbers of teacher training = 2x10350= 20700/-