About AsHA

Altruism Society Honour Assistance (AsHA) is a non government organisation based in Gossaigaon Block of Kokrajhar district under the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) of Assam.

The organisation focuses on rural areas, mainly engages in livelihood, education, women and health and disaster management. AsHA works With Vulnerable communities, marginal farmers and students as its beneficiaries.


To create ‘Preceful’ and ‘Classless Society’. 


To empower rural community by stream lining education and sustainable livelihood.

Current Activities of AsHA

Livelihood Activities-

Food is one of the basic need of human being. Working in rural areas of Kokrajhar with poorest of the poor families, AsHA initiated promotion of livelihood activities in the area with Self Help Groups (SHGs). System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and Maize cultivation has been promoted with 300 and 50 families. During lockdown the organization also promoted 20 nutrition gardens with 20 SHGs, so that they are able to get nutrition support during lockdown.

Dignity For Work (DFW) –

Activity for DFW is supported by Goonj, Delhi.  As part of DFW, the community figured out the work to be carried out in the area. The work could vary from repairing road, repairing school boundary, repairing a house of a poorest of the poor person, canal repair and bridge repair.

In return of the community contribution, each person involved in the work will be honored with ration kits. Till now AsHA has been able to support more than 1500 families. 


As lockdown started during the start of 2020, schools were closed and students’ regular education was at halt. At this time AsHA had taken initiative to provide remedial coaching to class 1oth exam appearing students. Also the organization supported children students in the primary school so that they are in regular touch with their syllabus.

AsHA runs 8 remedial centers in the remote villages of Gossaigaon Block in Kokrajhar district. Till now it has supported 150 students.

COVID 19 Emergency Response-

During lockdown, migrant labor, daily wage earners were hit the hardest. AsHA through collaborations with other organization such as SeSTA and Goonj were able to provide ration kits to 1500 Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.

The organization also provided hygiene kits amongst 100 households in block. The organization also distributed 40 community health medical worker kits, PPE kits and face shield to Gossaigaon Block Primary Health Centre, Gossaigaon.

COVID 19 Vaccination-

At present, the organisation has taken initiative on COVID 19 Vaccination supported by Azim Premji Foundation, Bengaluru. The project is being implemented under Tulshibil Sub Centre, under Gossaigaon Block. Our main focuss is to create awareness among people to accept vaccination, mobilize people and organize vaccination camp and door to door survey so that the people left out of vaccination drive can be reached and vaccination service is provided to ensure 100% vaccination in the area.

Total population to be vaccination is 30000. 

Goat Rearing with Mother Group-

AsHA engages with children through remedial class to support them in staying at par with the syllabus. As they do not belong from well off families, meeting small needs such as pencil, notebook and pocket money doesn’t come easy. For that AsHA has mobilized the Mother’s Group so that the mothers are able to meet smaller expenses of their children. AsHA has mobilized the mothers to adopt goat rearing as alternate livelihood and meet their children’s day to day expenses. Till now the organization has been able to mobilize 50 mothers.

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Bank Account Details-
Name- Altruism Society Honour Assistance
A/c no- 922010001225303
Ifsc- UTIB0004466
Branch- Gossaigaon KOR AS

Vaccination awareness program